About EpiHK
EpiHK currently consists of researchers from the 5 separate institutions: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Science Park.

Members included the following Investigators:

Clinical Groups:
Dr. Gilberto Leung (HKU)
Dr. Xin-Yuan Guan (HKU)
Dr. Desmond Yap (HKU)

Cell sorting Facility:
Dr. Tom Cheung (HKUST)
Dr. Angela Wu (HKUST)

Mapping Groups:
Dr. Nancy Ip (HKUST)
Dr. Karl Herrup (HKUST)
Dr. Zhenguo Wu (HKUST)
Dr. Tom Cheung (HKUST)
Dr. Angela Wu (HKUST)
Dr. Danny Leung (HKUST)
Dr. Huating Wang (CUHK)
Dr. Kui Ming Chan (CityU)

Data Processing and Analyses Groups:
Dr. Hao Sun (CUHK)
Dr. Kevin Yip (CUHK)